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Offshore Wind Journal

Offshore Wind Journal

Offshore Wind Journal Digital Edition

  • 1st Quarter 2019

    1st Quarter 2019


    • The Wind of Change winner of the 2019 Offshore Renewables Award
    • Is hydrogen production the future of offshore wind
    • Area Reports: Taiwan, Wales, USA, Scotland
    • Drones to be used for blade inspections
  • 4th Quarter 2018

    4th Quarter 2018


    • Industry leaders say there are few technical barriers to 20 MW offshore turbines?
    • Shared projects, shared tenders and joint R&D projects could help to reduce the cost of offshore wind but Brexit isnít likely to help the process
    • New vessels have been launched in Europe and SOV designs are being developed for the US market
  • 3rd Quarter 2018

    3rd Quarter 2018


    • What will larger turbines mean for offshore foundations?
    • Area reports from Germany, Belgium and India
    • Massachusetts' offshore wind first mover advantage
    • When will offshore wind in the UK be subsidy-free?
    • Hydrogen's potential role in an offshore wind revolution
  • 2nd Quarter 2018

    2nd Quarter 2018


    • Taiwan plans to replace nuclear power with wind
    • Area reports from Poland, Japan, The Netherlands and the UK
    • GE Renewable Energy's massive Haliade-X turbine
    • Tacking offshore corrosion problems
    • Nexus Project: designing the ultimate SOV
  • 1st Quarter 2018

    1st Quarter 2018


    • The fast-expanding market in Taiwan
    • Area reports from the UK, USA, France and Taiwan
    • Seawind's innovative two-bladed turbine
    • Robotic crawler used to inspect blades
    • Could jackets or gravity-based foundations replace monopiles?
  • 4th Quarter 2017

    4th Quarter 2017


    • The UK's Clean Growth Strategy could see 10GW of new offshore wind
    • Area reports from Scotland, China and the US
    • New Markets: latest developments in the Caribbean, the Baltic and Asia
    • 20 MW turbines proposed for the Norfolk Vanguard project
    • The latest Service Operation Vessel designs
  • 3rd Quarter 2017

    3rd Quarter 2017


    • Unmanned inspections: using UAVs, UUVs and AUVs
    • Area reports on the latest significant developments in the UK, Germany, USA and the Netherlands
    • Decommissioning, what offshore wind can learn from the oil industry
    • The vast potential of floating offshore windfarms
    • The potential of 10MW+ turbines
  • 2nd Quarter 2017

    2nd Quarter 2017


    • The UK's second round CFD scheme
    • What Poland's new energy auction law will mean for offshore wind
    • Germany's subsidy-free offshore windfarms, a major step for renewable energy
    • Siemen's new nacelle building facility in Cuxhaven
    • Floating offshore wind : latest developments
  • 1st Quarter 2017

    1st Quarter 2017


    • France plans for floating offshore windfarms
    • what will Brexit mean for the Uk's offshore wind industry?
    • Energy Technology Institute on the potential for floating offshore wind
    • Bureau Veritas publishes guidelines for marine renewable businesses
    • A2SEA's Sea Installer completes Burbo Bank turbine installations
  • 4th Quarter 2016

    4th Quarter 2016


    • China's growing offshore wind capacity
    • DoE reports on the potential for offshore wind in the USA
    • How non-US firms can work within the Jones Act
    • Navantia's growing offshore wind expertise
    • Poland's first offshore windfarm
  • 3rd Quarter 2016

    3rd Quarter 2016


    • Brexit's impact on the UK's Offshore Wind industry
    • Dong's gigawatt-scale windfarm
    • Inside Siemens' new UK manufacturing facility
    • Borselle 1 and II windfarms set a new benchmark for offshore wind
    • South Korea pledges US$36 billion to support renewable energy
  • 2nd Quarter 2016

    2nd Quarter 2016


    • Offshore Wind to be "subsidy free" in 10 years
    • Tipping point for offshore in the USA
    • Siemens secure East Anglia ONE turbine deal
    • Norwegian expertise in floating offshore wind technologies
    • Statoil's Batwind, an innovative wind energy storage project