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Chinese venture sees Ezion enter offshore wind market

Mon 14 Dec 2015 by David Foxwell

Chinese venture sees Ezion enter offshore wind market

Singapore-based Ezion Holdings Limited, a well-known operator of liftboats – a specialised type of jack-up vessel – and service rigs, has entered into a co-operation agreement with a state-owned Chinese enterprise to support offshore wind power installation projects. The projects are mainly in coastal regions of China, which has set a target of 5GW of installed offshore wind capacity by 2015 and 30GW by 2020. Ezion Holdings described Chinese offshore wind energy as a “potentially high growth market.”

The state-owned enterprise will be responsible for engineering, procurement and construction of offshore wind power projects, including design optimisation, manufacturing, transport and installation of the wind turbine foundations, along with the installation of turbines and substations, cable laying and operations and maintenance.

Under the agreement, Ezion will provide support using the group’s service rigs and liftboats for loading, construction, transportation and installation. In addition, the group will also be providing relevant technical expertise required for the construction and installation of wind turbine foundations and components.


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