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New Jersey receives three applications for 1.1 GW of offshore wind

Fri 04 Jan 2019 by David Foxwell

New Jersey receives three applications for 1.1 GW of offshore wind
Governor Phil Murphy is a keen advocate of offshore wind and would like New Jersey to have 3.5 GW of offshore wind power by 2030

The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities has received bids from three developers in response to its solicitation for 1.1 GW of offshore wind. The solicitation was the largest single-state solicitation to date.

Bids are understood to have been submitted by the due date of 28 December 2018 from Ørsted, Equinor and Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind, a joint venture between Shell and EDF Renewables North America.

New Jersey Board of Public Utilities president Joe Fiordaliso said, “The Board is extremely excited to receive these solicitations. New Jersey has regained its place as a leader when it comes to clean, renewable energy and offshore wind power is a major component in taking us there. We are one giant step closer to fulfilling Governor Phil Murphy’s vision of 3.5 GW of offshore wind power by 2030.”

At a board meeting in late December the board selected an economic consultant to assist in evaluating the applications and has sent the award recommendation to the New Jersey Department of the Treasury. Upon review and approval, the winning bidder and contract will be announced publicly.

Board staff, with the support of the consultant, will review and evaluate the applications before providing a recommendation to the board. The review will consider the requirement under the Offshore Wind Economic Development Act that applicants must demonstrate “positive net-economic and environmental benefits for the State.” Guidance documents were provided to help developers calculate net economic benefits of proposed projects. A decision is anticipated in Q2 2019.

Governor Murphy has asked the board to consider two additional solicitations of 1.2 GW in 2020 and 2022.

The Offshore Wind Journal Conference in London on 5 February 2019 will address key issues including global market developments, increasing turbine sizes, floating offshore wind and industry regulations.


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