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Offshore windís contribution to emissions reduction highlighted by report

Fri 09 Nov 2018 by David Foxwell

Offshore windís contribution to emissions reduction highlighted by report
CO2 emissions reduction attributed to offshore wind is the equivalent of that produced by 4M cars

The UKís growing number of offshore windfarms have avoided greenhouse gas emissions of over 43M tonnes carbon dioxide equivalent to date, according to figures published by Green Investment Group.

Green Investment Group (GIG) estimates that UK offshore windfarms are reducing greenhouse gas emissions by around 9M tonnes carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) every year, equivalent to the emissions of nearly 4M cars.

The figures are contained in Green Investment Groupís (GIGís) recent UK Offshore Wind Green Impact Report, prepared by its green investment ratings team.

GIC said this is the first time an estimation of this range of environmental benefits from the UKís entire offshore wind fleet has been published. The report assesses various environmental benefits that UK offshore wind has delivered to date and provides a forecast of future benefits which could be delivered by the current pipeline of consented projects.

The Report forecasts more than 743M tonnes of CO2e lifetime avoided emissions if all existing consented projects are built out in line with their consented capacity; an annual emissions avoidance of over 32M tonnes CO2e at the height of deployment; and the avoidance of almost 14M tonnes oil equivalent consumption.

The head of GIGís green investment team, Peter Knott, said ďAs impressive these figures are, the improved efficiencies of newer wind turbines mean we can expect the green impact of offshore wind to treble if all the Round 3 and Scottish sites become operational.Ē


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