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Portuguese market a ‘wave of floating opportunities’

Tue 14 Nov 2017 by David Foxwell

Portuguese market a ‘wave of floating opportunities’
Giles Dickson: “Windfloat Atlantic highlights the potential of floating offshore wind offshore Portugal”

WindEurope chief executive Giles Dickson told a recent conference in Portugal that the country could be set to benefit significantly from floating offshore wind energy.

Speaking on future trends in the wind industry at the Portuguese renewable energy conference in Lisbon, Mr Dickson said Portugal’s 5 GW of onshore wind power already cover a quarter of the country’s electricity demand. By 2030, this share could grow to 39%, because Portugal is expected to return to the offshore wind market.

“Portugal has ample opportunity to benefit from the ongoing cost reductions in offshore wind thanks to its existing industry and favourable geographical location,” Mr Dickson said.

“It will have the largest floating offshore turbines in the world. The 24 MW Windfloat Atlantic project will use MHI Vestas 8 MW turbines.

“Industry players see the levelised cost of energy falling to €40-60/MWh (US$47-70/MWh) by 2030, making this modern technology competitive with fossil fuels.”

However, although the outlook looks promising, Portuguese votes on the Clean Energy Package are crucial. Mr Dickson called on the 250 participants at the event to reach out to Prime Minister António Costa, Minister for the Environment João Pedro Matos Fernandes and Secretary of State for Energy Jorge Seguro Sanches and encourage them to do their bit to advance the cause of wind energy in the country.

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